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Mythic Sightings
Mythic paint used exclusively in Maureen Walton murals

Date : 3 May 2012

Venue : Ontario Canada

Description :
Artist Maureen Walton uses Mythic paint exclusively on her murals. Additional images can be found on her website

Mythic Home Project in Arkansas

Date : 6 Dec 2011

Venue : Fayetteville, AR

Description :
Mythic paint being used inside and outside of this housing project in Fayetteville, AR. The painters love the product. They couldn't believe the coverage of the exterior red. One coat over tintable accent primer.

Mural using Mythic Paint

Date : 28 Oct 2011

Venue : Auburn, WA

Description :
This mural in Auburn, WA was painted using Mythic Exterior paint products.

Mythic Color Expert Olga Alder's Basement project

Date : 20 Oct 2011

Venue : Basement

Description :
This project was an exciting one from the very beginning. I was hired to transform almost 2,000 sq feet of unfinished basement space of a beautiful colonial home into a family fun central – a space where both kids and adults could call their own. The main design challenge was lack of windows. The lack of natural light could be easily...

Mythic New Booth design

Date : 15 Oct 2011

Venue : Tradeshow in Denver

Description :
Mythic booth redesign.

Old Tacoma Ace Ladies Night

Date : 11 Oct 2011

Venue : Tacoma Park, MD

Description :
Ladies Night at Old Tacoma Park Ace in Tacoma Park, MD. This event was the first event like this at this location and was very well attended.

Mythic used in the Sunset center

Date : 29 Sep 2011

Venue : Monterey, CA

Description :
Mythic paint was used in the Sunset Center in Monterey, CA.

Mythic used in Cambridge Community Television

Date : 19 Sep 2011

Venue : Cambridge, Massachusetts

Description :
This is a brand new facility named Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) in Massachusetts where Mythic was used throughout.

Mythic used in Mader's Restaurant

Date : 24 Aug 2011

Venue : Milwaukee, WI

Description :
Mader's German Restaurant used Mythic in a recent renovation.

Mythic used in Cypress Inn

Date : 28 Jun 2011

Venue : Monterey, CA

Description :
The Cypress Inn in Carmel, CA. Mythic paint was used on the interior of this project.

David Bromstad at Strosniders Hardware Stores

Date : 23 Oct 2010

Venue : Bethesda, Silver Springs, Potomac, MD

Description :
David Bromstad visited all three Strosniders Hardware store location and shared his color expertise.

David Bromstad at Pintchik Hardware

Date : 9 Jun 2010

Venue : Brooklyn, NY

Description :
David Bromstad visited Pintchik Hardware in Brooklyn, NY and shared his color expertise.

David Bromstad at GrayCo Hardware

Date : 15 May 2010

Venue : Beaufort, SC

Description :
David Bromstad visited GrayCo Hardware in Beaufort, SC and shared his color expertise.

David Bromstad at Workbench Ace Hardware

Date : 1 May 2010

Venue : Atlanta, GA

Description :
David Bromstad visited Workbench Ace Hardware in Atlanta and shared his color expertise.

Maple Leaf Mythic Car

Date : 23 Apr 2010

Venue : Seattle, WA

Description :
Maple Leaf Mythic Car

David Bromstad at G&R Paint Co.

Date : 3 Apr 2010

Venue : San Francisco, CA

Description :
David Bromstad visited G&R Paint Co. in San Francisco and shared his color expertise.

David Bromstad at Colori

Date : 20 Mar 2010

Venue : Chicago

Description :
David Bromstad visited Colori in Chicago and shared his color expertise.

4. Mythic Booth

Date : 10 Nov 2009

Venue : Various Tradeshows

Description :
Mythic Booth

5. Mythic cars

Date : 10 Nov 2009

Venue : Around Town

Description :
Mythic cars

6. Mythic Inflatable Paint Cans

Date : 10 Nov 2009

Venue : Our stores

Description :
Inflatable Paint Cans

David Bromstad at Ecohaus

Date : 29 Aug 2009

Venue : Seattle, Wa

Description :
David Bromstad visited Ecohaus and shared his color expertise.

David Bromstad at Mythic Paint Bedford Hills

Date : 15 Jun 2009

Venue : Bedford Hills, NY

Description :
David Bromstad visited Mythic Paint Bedford Hills Store and shared his color expertise.

3. David Bromstad at Emigh Hardware

Date : 25 Apr 2009

Venue : Emigh Hardware in Sacramento, Ca

Description :
David Bromstad visited Emigh Hardware and shared his color expertise with a 700+ audience.

2. Mythic recently spotted at a star studded event in California

Date : 18 Apr 2009

Venue : Los Angeles, California

Description :
Mythic recently spotted at a star studded event in California

1. Zinger Hardware delivery truck

Date : 4 Mar 2009

Venue : Austin, TX

Description :
Zinger Hardware takes delivering Mythic paint to another level.